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What is buying service?
Buying service is executing an order instead of foreigners who are having a difficulty in purchasing furniture in Korea.
What kind of furniture is available for buying service?
Brand-name furniture or high priced products are available.
How do I pay for purchasing?
We issue receipt after purchasing the whole furniture. The payment way is lump sum.
How long does it take for delivery?
It takes about 10 days to 30 days at most because of natural disaster or out of stock.
How much is the delivery charge?
It depends on brands or products.
Can I see the real furniture, not through image?
If you want to go to the show room, we accompany and guide you.
Can I return the furniture?
High priced products are not available to return. Most furniture is make-to-order, so you need to be careful before you buy.
What if the item is damaged? Do you repair for it?
We repair for general damages and we apply for after service in place of foreign users. But if the furniture is damaged by a lessee, the lessee should replace it with the same product or charge for the price.
Is proxy fee included in buying service?
Every buying service (10%) has additional condition.

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